Alan Smith

Kris Kuckenbaker

IT Professional

Personal Profile

Student Professional and IT Enthusiast |view portfolio|. Experienced working in desktop environments. Currently enrolled at Bates Technical College, pursuing IT career opportunities. Passionate about consumer technology. Planned and executed many client PC builds, with extensive knowledge of the current desktop climate. Educated in Linux and Windows Server operating systems. Managed Bates Technical College PC repair shop, arranging stations for troubleshooting and desktop assembly.


CompTIA A+ Certified

June 2016 - Present

NCS Network Cabling Specialist

2016 - Present

Introduction to Network Cabling for Copper-Based Systems.

Key Skills

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • PC Assembly
  • Troubleshooting


Bates Technical College / ITS Program

Fall 2015 - Currently Enrolled Part Time, Tacoma, WA

Helped deploy 20+ desktops to new campus.
Experimented with Active Directory, and Windows Server 2012.
President and founder of Associated Student Government Gaming and Tech Club.
Managed in-house computer repair shop.
Experience building and repairing countless desktop computers.
Experience troubleshooting and repairing laptop computers for customers.
Organized and presented educational presentations.